The Will Maker (Continued):Part II

What had just happened there? Why had his fingers started to tremble? Were these his physical instincts suddenly starting to come back to life after all? Had his body suddenly decided to be perceptive of his mind’s signals? He did not like it. He took a moment to screen his whereabouts. Not that it mattered, but he found it hard to break with old habits. Dark back alley, overflowing containers, graffiti on the walls. Almost too stereotypical for his taste. He looked up at the night sky – it was dark, and if there hadn’t been the orange-red cloudy fog reflecting the city lights it would have been pitch black. Everything is black behind the light. He had to smirk about his simple, almost banal, logic: it would have been dark if there had not been light. He was glad he was regaining his confidence and could laugh about his own idiocy. …

Source: Part II (chapter)

Source: The Will Maker (story)


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