Continued – PLAY Part 13 Into The Abyss

“I told you, I am not playing your game anymore, Norton, so let me go now.”

“It is not my game, my dear friend. This is not anyone’s game. In fact, this is not a game at all. This is life, you need to accept that. And life has its own rules we all need to follow. You, I, my patients, everyone. We cannot run away from it! Sometimes it is painful, yes. But we can learn to turn this around.”

“Then why, dear Norton, do I get the impression you are immeasurably enjoying torturing me right now?”

“Enjoying torturing you? Oh dear Burke, why would I enjoy this? On the contrary, I find this circumstance highly unpleasant. There is no possible gain on my part if you choose to throw yourself out of this window. First of all: all the work we have done so far would have been in vain. Secondly: I would have to clean up the mess downstairs after your skull shattered on the concrete – not a pleasant thought at all if you ask me.”

Source: Part 13 – Into the Abyss (chapter)

Source: Play (story)


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