Continued: Play – Part 1-9

“Tell me, Norton, how did it feel when the iron hit your face? Did it hurt?”

“I wouldn’t know, Burke. All I feel right now is a state of increasing relaxation. I find myself at the peak of a mountain unable to remember how I ever even got there, looking down and knowing that the descend will be peaceful and relaxing, and a well-deserved hot meal is waiting for me at the bottom. I feel anticipation, like a child packing his bags to go on a summer holiday.”

“Anticipation. Would it increase your anticipation if I hit you again?”

“The climax always remains the same, my friend, even if you have five women at the same time. It might prolong the process, but to the result it makes no difference.”

Source: Play (complete story)

Source: Part 9 – Soundless Profoundness (chapter)


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